Best Ghee Brands in India – Top 8 Cow Ghee Brands in India

Ghee is a staple of the Indian diet. Also known as, or considered similar to, clarified butter, Ghee is easily one of the consumer favorite foods in India. Potentially, you can find a jar of ghee in every household. You can either get versions of it on the market, or even make it at home, all by yourself. That said, making ghee at home is quite the task.

If you want an easier method, we have listed the best ghee brands in India for you to choose from. These brands are rated at the top in the market, and provide the perfect ghee to go with your morning paranthas.

Essentially, ghee is just milk fat rendered from cream. If you want to make some at home, start by separating the cream from your everyday milk. Then heat it continuously until the milk fat separates. The end product – Ghee. Simple as that!

Best Ghee Brands in India – Reviewed 2024

If you are trying to get into a fitness regime, let me tell you that ghee might help you there as well. Since ghee is made from healthy fats, instead of saturated fat, they can really help you out if you are trying to lose weight. A perfect choice for the gluten-free lifestyle ghee truly is one of the best Indian staples of all time.

S. No.Ghee BrandPrice/Litre
2.Mother Dairy₹525
4.Sri Sri Tattva₹499
5.Brij Gwala₹400
6.Organic India₹1,300
7.Natureland Organics₹1,075

1. Amul

Asking an Indian about Amul means opening a whirlwind of nostalgia and continued deliverance. Amul is synonymous with reliability, viability, and can easily be called a one-of-a-kind company, especially for Indians. Based in Anand, Gujarat, Amul was registered in 1946 and has since become a mainstay in the heart and homes of every Indian consumer. Their goods are not only quality, but also resonate a sense of trust within its consumers.

Amul is known for their dairy products, and similarly Amul Pure Ghee is one of those products consumers spend on monthly. One of the best products for vegetarians, Amul is easily one of the best ghee brands in India, and also the best dairy brand in India.

2. Mother Dairy

Similar to Amul in terms of brand loyalty, Mother Dairy is actually a Government of India owned company that manufactures a whole bunch of edible and milk products. From ice cream to ghee, Mother Dairy is one of the most widely used and celebrated brands in India. Founded in 1974, Mother Dairy is one of the go-to brands of the Indian consumer. When it comes to ghee, Mother Dairy produces some of the most delicious ghee available at a very reasonable price. Easily one the top most and best ghee brands in India.

3. Patanjali

Another Indian brand, Patanjali is famous for being marketed as a healthier option to many foreign brands. The multinational company is based in Haridwar, India, and was founded by Ramdev and Balkrishna in the year 2006. Patanjali starting out with ayurvedic medicines, has now branched into cosmetics, food products, and even lifestyle.

When it comes to their edible products, including ghee, Patanjali keeps a very natural approach at manufacturing. Their ghee is delicious and contains only those fatty acids or saturated fat that are primarily 89 % short chain fatty acids, compared with the longer chain with other animal fats.

4. Sri Sri Tattva

Indian brands and ghee have a very tight relationship it seems. Sri Sri Tattva has been established with a 360-degree approach in mind. Partnered with College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, Doctors and Therapists, their manufacturing facilities are driven by technology and stringent control systems towards a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Their ghee, packed with vitamin A, D, E & K, and omega-3s, Sri Sri Tattva ghee aids in better immunity, heart health, joint health, and more. Their ghee is also FSSAI certified which makes it safe for your consumption. With a taste akin to pure desi ghee, this brand was sure to make the list of the best ghee brands in India.

5. Brij Gwala

Brij Gwala is one of the newer brands on this list. They are a smaller company with a more affordable product on the market as compared to the other brands. It is made from cows milk using traditional procedures and meeting stringent quality standards. This special grade ghee is quality assured to make foods; sweet dishes, kheers and sweets, flavorsome and mouth watering. However, their ghee is more geared towards cooking rather than serving with something. It does not melt very easily, but taste really good.

If you want a more affordable, cooking ghee, this could really work for you.

6. Organic India

Organic India has become one of the biggest brands when it comes to food products. With their delicious line of herbal formulas, food products, and self-care products, Organic India has become one of the best organic brands in India. They deal mainly with organic herbal and Ayurvedic health products.

The company is most known for their line of organically grown tulsi teas, which are sold in India, the US, Canada, and the UK. They created an organic, natural, non-toxic, herbal version of the colourful dyes used in India’s annual Holi celebration. The company also exports organically-grown flowers, with Germany as its major market. No doubt their ghee is one of the best and most delicious we have ever eaten. Organic India is easily one of the best ghee brands in India.

7. Natureland Organics

Since organic products are so high in demand these days for their better more durable taste and potential, there are a lot of organic brands that have shown up on the radar. NatureLand Organics might be one of them, but has clearly left the competition behind with their range of quality food products made completely organically. Started in the year 2002, the brand has since made high-quality organic products available at a low cost.

When it comes to their ghee, there are not as many organic-produced products available at such a low cost and easily. Organic India is available on almost every store shelf across India and is a tremendously worthwhile product. When it comes to organic products, definitely one of the best ghee brands in India.

8. Gowardhan

You might not realize what Govardhan is until you really dig deep. If you are old enough to be 30 right now, there was a brand in the early 1990’s selling milk and milk products called Parag. Those who know would find it endearing that Parag is the country’s largest producer of cow ghee under its brand Govardhan. So, if you are looking for something reliable and appeal to your brand loyalty, Govardhan ghee is the way to go.

The most easily available ghee in India, serving consumers with a delicious taste and adeptness at cooking, Govardhan ghee is a must have and possibly the best ghee brand in India.

How to Make Ghee at Home – Homemade Ghee Recipe

So, if you are looking to make ghee at home, the process is straightforward, simple, but can take some time. Before we get into the makings of ghee, let us first see what ghee really is. Ghee is essentially a form of clarified butter made by simmering milk fats on low heat. This caramelizes the milk solids and leaves you with delicious golden liquid fat which has a higher smoke point than butter which makes it ideal for high-heat cooking.

To make it more simple, the “malai”, or the cream that settles on top of your milk – that is the milk fats you need to make ghee at home. You need to cook it for a long time, strain it, and there you have it, ghee, homemade, as pure as can be.

Before starting out to make some ghee at home, you would need to get enough milk fats first. How to do that? Well, here is the easiest method.

  1. To get milk fats, there is a very easy technique, but takes a long time.
  2. Instead of purchasing skimmed, or toned milk, opt for full-cream.
  3. As you boil the milk for use, the milk fats will settle on the top.
  4. Turn this fat/cream out with a spoon and save it in a bowl, and refrigerate.

Once you have a good amount of it stored up, properly refrigerated, it is time to turn it into ghee.

  1. Start with dumping all your collected milk fats into your cauldron.
  2. Turn on the heat, but keep on mid-low.
  3. Let the mixture cook until all the milk solids have separated and settled on the bottom.
  4. Let the mixture cool, and strain into a separate bowl.
  5. This is liquid gold. Pure ghee made at home, without any waste, or a lot of effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best ghee brand in India?

Talking about the best ghee brands in India, Amul and Govardhan ghee are two of the best available. They are not only reliable, but also incredibly affordable and made for the general Indian consumer with frankly a lot of ghee in its diet.

Which is the best ghee to buy?

If you like something organic, Organic India ghee is easily one of the best and most delicious we have had, hands down. However, from a more standard point of view, Amul pure ghee and Govardhan ghee are the best to purchase.

Is ghee good for weight loss?

Yes, since ghee has a lot of healthy fats, it can be the perfect substitute for both oil and butter. It can even aid in losing excessive fat while adding natural and beneficial fats to your body.


Ghee is actually a really versatile cooking item. You can not only use it as a less-fatty substitute of butter, but it also proves really helpful during cooking with its higher smoke point. Besides that, ghee is actually much healthier as compared to other fat-ridden food accompaniments. Indians are known to consume an incredibly healthy amount of ghee, however. Yes, it is less harmful than butter, but a lot of ghee does not mean all and good health. Extended doses can cause a lot of issues as well, since it is a form of butter anyway.

If you were wondering if whether to buy ghee or make at home, we have listed the DIY steps you can use to make ghee at home without any issues, and also listed the best ghee brands in India. Help yourselves to either.

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