10 Best Ice Cream Makers In India 2024 – Review & Price

Don’t have the time to dedicate yourself to searching for the best ice cream makers that you can use in your home to make different flavors of ice creams? We’ve done it for you and spent countless hours researching and testing the right and efficient machines that you can use in summers to quench your thirst.

We analyzed many customer reviews on the ice cream machine in India and came across some of the best units that you may choose and bring your home. Our final rankings are based on features and value for money. If you choose from these models, you can be sure that you buy a great product.

Ice cream machines have long been one of those kitchen appliances that you buy and then dispatch to the back of a cupboard, wedged between the pasta maker and the sandwich toaster.

However, given the growing popularity of frozen yogurt, sorbet, and homemade ice cream, ice cream makers are becoming popular once again. An at-home ice cream maker lets you control the quality of the ingredients, experiment with summer-ready recipes, and quell your sugar craving without having to leave the house.

Inspired to invest in a quality ice cream maker machine for home use? Below, you’ll find our top 10 picks that you may consider and decide which one you should choose by reading our buying guide.

Best Ice Cream Maker Machine Price In India 2024

Whether you opt for an electric, manual, or traditional salt-and-ice machine, once you see our picks for top-rated ice Cream maker machines in India you’ll want to serve homemade sundaes every day.

After taking reviews and value for money into an account we’ve come across this list.

S. No.Best Ice Cream MakersPrice
1.Cuisinart ICE-21PK Ice Cream MakerRs. 14,998
2.Kitchenif Scoop 222 Digital Ice Cream MakerRs. 4,873
3.Maxi-Matic Electric Ice Cream MakerRs. 8,758
4.Orbit Gelato 2 Ice Cream MakerRs. 2,218
5.Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400BLUE Electric Ice Cream MakerRs. 31,040
6.Hamilton Beach 68881Z Ice Cream MakerRs. 10,118
7.iBELL ICM150A Ice Cream MakerRs. 3,277
8.YayLabs FSSPTBLUE Soft Shell Ice Cream BallRs. 7,449
9.Elite Gourmet EIM-308L Electric Ice Cream MakerRs. 13,163
10.Momai Ice Cream MakerRs. 2,699

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10 Best Ice Cream Makers For Home In India – Review

1. Cuisinart ICE-21PK Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-21PK Ice Cream Maker

Key Features

  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Type: Automatic
  • Capacity: 1.5-Quarts
  • Double-insulated freezer bowl
  • Easy-lock lid
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • BPA free
  • Ingredient Spout
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Non-slip feet keep base stationery during use
  • Comes with cord storage

From ice cream to sorbet, you can now make your favorite frozen treat right in the comfort of your own home with the Cuisinart ice cream maker for home. Simply add your ingredients, turn on the machine, and the patent-pending mixing paddle goes to work whipping up your favorite treat in just under 20 minutes!

The large-capacity bowl can easily make up to 1.5 quarts at a time, and the double-insulated freezer bowl means there’s no need to deal with ice or salt. The mixer includes an easy-lock transparent lid, so you can watch the progress, and includes a large spout which makes adding ingredients or mixings simple and mess-free.

2. Kitchenif Scoop 222 Digital Ice Cream Maker

Kitchenif Scoop 222 Digital Ice Cream Making machine

Key Features

  • Capacity: 1.5 liters
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Digital timer function
  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 1-year India warranty
  • Powerful motor
  • A double insulated freezing bowl
  • Inlet spout for ingredients

Making ice cream is no rocket science with this digital ice cream maker. The mixer has a digital timer that allows you to pre-set the timing for which the mixer must operate. The motor automatically shuts down after completion of the timer. You can also stop the mixer before the pre-set time is completed. This allows you to protect the motor and save energy in case the mixture freezes early.

This is a compact appliance which has a total capacity of 1.5 liters in volume. Thus, you can prepare a delightful dessert for the entire family in one go. The lid of this mixer is also provided with a mixing spout opening. This allows you to add any toppings such as dry fruits, fruit slices, etc. without interrupting the operation of the mixer.

Pros (What we liked)Cons (What we didn’t like)
Built-in digital timer helps the maker to function automatically for the Preset time, after which it automatically stopsProduct quality could have been better
Inlet spout allows you to insert the ingredients and flavors in between the process
Compact and elegant design
Versatile; can whip up a variety of recipes
Very easy to clean since components of the mixer can be separated from the motor

3. Maxi-Matic Electric Ice Cream Maker

Maxi-Matic Electric Ice Cream Maker

Key Features

  • Quick & easy to use
  • Convenient ingredient chute
  • Includes recipes
  • 1-quart quick freezing non-stick bowl
  • Transparent cover
  • Convenient on/off switch
  • Automatic mixing paddle
  • Non-skid feet
  • Insulated bowl

The Maxi-Matic electric ice cream maker comes with a convenient freezable bowl that allows you to quickly make ice cream directly in the unit. It’s 1-quart capacity provides just the perfect number of servings for family and friends.

The ice cream maker is simple to use. Simply freeze the bowl overnight, then add the ingredient mixture into the machine, push a button and you’ll have a tasty dessert in a short time. No chemicals, alcohol, or salt needed. You can also add and mix additional ingredients such as nuts, berries, or extra flavors during the churning process.  

Pros (What we liked)Cons (What we didn’t like)
Easy-to-clean freezing bowlMaterial quality could have been better
Ingredient chute to add ingredients
Automatic rotating spatula to churn the ice cream
Simple to use
Compact & easy to store

4. Orbit Gelato 2 Ice Cream Making Machine

Orbit Gelato 2 Ice Cream Making Machine

Key Features

  • Capacity: 1.5 liter
  • Detachable freezing bowl
  • On/Off button
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 12 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Powerful motor
  • Unique paddle design
  • Comes with integrated cooling liquid
  • Transparent lid with hole
  • 4 anti-skid rubber feet
  • Large spout to add ingredients
  • Fully-automatic operation

If you are an ice cream lover and could eat more than one portion a day, the Orbit Gelato 2 Ice Cream Maker must be yours. This compact, light, and simple ice cream maker will become your favorite kitchen machine. In short, it is a powerful, fast, and very intuitive ice cream machine.

It offers a quick preparation function that allows you to enjoy refreshing desserts in 30 minutes. It is enough to pre-freeze the bowl just a few hours before. In addition, with its capacity of up to 1.5 liters, it is possible to serve different portions of delicious desserts for the whole family.

Pros (What we liked)Cons (What we didn’t like)
Includes double-insulated freezer bowl with integrated cooling liquidNo recipe book
Powerful motor & unique paddle design mixes more efficiently to make ice cream quickly
Very easy to clean
Mess-free design with easy-lock lid
A large spout allows you to effortlessly add ingredients

5. Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400BLUE Electric Ice Cream Maker Machine

Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400BLUE Electric Ice Cream Maker Machine

Key Features

  • 4-Quart aluminum canister
  • Plastic bucket and plastic dasher
  • Electric motor does the churning
  • Recipes included in instruction manual
  • 90-day warranty
  • Cleanup is easy
  • See-thru lid
  • Easy-carry handle
  • Motor lock

This unit features a locking motor mount, easy-to-clean plastic bucket and 4-quart aluminum canister. Simply add your ingredients into the aluminum canister, place in the middle of the bucket, layer with ice and salt, and let the electric motor do the rest. Soon you will have wonderful homemade ice cream. A powerful electric motor does all the churning, so no intensive stirring or manual effort is required!

With a plastic bucket that wipes away messes with ease, cleaning up afterward is a breeze. To store leftover ice cream in the freezer, a see-thru lid is included that fits on top of the canister. A carrying handle attached to the bucket makes it convenient to move your ice cream wherever it needs to go.

Pros (What we liked)Cons (What we didn’t like)
Easy to useIt consumes large quantities of ice whenever used
Comes with a clear lid on the canister for easy viewing
Has an aluminum canister for long-lasting durability
No manual effort needed; an electric motor does the churning
The electric motor locks into place, keeping all parts secure

6. Hamilton Beach 68881Z

Hamilton Beach 68881Z

Key Features

  • Homemade ice cream-ready in as little as 20 minutes
  • Makes ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, sherbet or gelato
  • Recipes included
  • No rock salt required
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Ice Cream Capacity: 1.5 quarts
  • See-Through Lid
  • BPA-free material
  • Cycle Time: Approximately 20 Minutes
  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts
  • Wattage Output: 13.5 watts
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

With only 13.5-watts of power and an extremely affordable price for this type of machine it is among the cheapest of 2024. It is an ice cream maker that requires preliminary refrigeration of both the ingredients and the basket. While this is more of an effort on your part, it is a great way to reduce not only preparation time but also energy consumption.

The maker is super easy and simple to use. Just put the bowl in the freezer overnight (8-12 hours) and the ingredients in the fridge so they can cool. Once the ingredients are cold enough and the bowl is frozen, place the bowl inside the ice cream maker, start the machine and start pouring the ingredients. The non-slip feet ensure the stability of the product during operation.

Pros (What we liked)Cons (What we didn’t like)
Creates tasty natural ice creamNo cord storage
Thanks to the transparent lid, you can check the status of the ice cream until the desired consistency is reached
The automatic ice cream machine shovel will do the hard work for you
Each component is removable for easier cleaning
Comes with a recipe book

7. Yonanas 986 Elite Dessert Maker

Yonanas 986 Elite Dessert Maker

Key Features

  • 100% fruit soft-serve maker
  • Transforms frozen fruit into dessert in seconds
  • Easy to use and clean
  • BPA free
  • Includes recipe book with 36 recipes
  • 1-year warranty

The premium design of Yonanas Elite will add a stylish touch to your kitchen when you leave it on your counter for easy everyday access. You might be skeptical that frozen bananas and berries can be transformed into a smooth, creamy ice cream-like consistency, but it’s possible and the Yonanas Soft Serve machine makes it quick and easy to do.

The chute easily accepts berries, sliced mango, or cantaloupe along with frozen banana, and the integrated spinning blade mashes and incorporates the fruit into a silky-smooth confection with the texture of soft-serve ice cream or yogurt. The chute, plunger, and blade are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Pros (What we liked)Cons (What we didn’t like)
Turns frozen fruit and other flavorings into a delicious, healthy soft-serve treatNoisy
Premium chrome design
Works quickly
Recipe book included
The chute, plunger, and blade are dishwasher safe

8. YayLabs FSSPTBLUE Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball

YayLabs FSSPTBLUE Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball

Key Features

  • Makes 1 pint of home-made ice cream
  • 25 minutes run time
  • Built-in, easy-open handles
  • Wide opening to add ingredients and scoop out ice cream
  • Food-safe, BPA-free materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recipe booklet included
  • One-year warranty
  • Softshell exterior
  • Lightweight and portable

Add some fun to just about any outdoor event such as birthday parties, barbecues, picnics or camping trips with YayLabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball. Just add natural ingredients as simple as cream, sugar and vanilla in one end of the Ice Cream Ball and add ice and rock salt in the other end. Mix in the ingredients, then shake, roll, and play your way to a pint of delicious ice cream in about 20-30 minutes.

The ball comes with built-in handles that make opening the ends easy – just flip back the handle to unlock. The wide and shallow canister makes it easy to stir ingredients and scoop out ice cream. Constructed from durable, food-safe, BPA-free materials, this soft-shell ice cream ball is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Pros (What we liked)Cons (What we didn’t like)
Easy to use; Comes with easy-to-follow directionsNeeds a lot of ice cubes
No problems with leakage
Can be washed up easily
Easy to wash and dry
The softshell exterior makes it fun to shake, roll and play your way to a quart of delicious ice cream

9. Elite Gourmet EIM-308L Electric Mini Ice Cream Machine

ice cream making machine price in India

Key Features

  • Makes 4 quarts of fresh ice cream in just 40 minutes
  • Galvanized metal bucket
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Heavy-duty aluminum freezing canister
  • Powerful electric motor-driven paddle
  • Plastic interior
  • Hand-crafted solid pine wood bucket
  • The motor is equipped with over-heat protection

The Elite Gourmet EIM-308L electric ice cream maker machine churns out delicious homemade ice cream in less than 40 minutes. It features a 4-Quart heavy duty aluminum canister and a powerful 90-RPM motor, so making ice cream is fast, convenient and fun for the whole family! It’s great for entertaining at family parties, BBQ and picnics using all of your favorite ice cream, sorbet, gelato and even frozen yogurt recipes.

The motor turns a six-fin paddle that whips air into the ingredients producing a smooth, rich soft-serve ice cream. The paddle quickly crushes cookies, fruit, chocolate chips, or a variety of other yummy toppings and thoroughly integrates them into the mixture. The old-fashioned Galvanized metal bucket holds ice and rock salt, keeping the canister at the optimal 10-degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Pros (What we liked)Cons (What we didn’t like)
Makes a great batch of ice creamThere is no on/off switch; when you plug it in, it starts
Recipes in the instruction book are awesome
Very quiet compared to other ice cream makers
All parts can be conveniently removed for easy cleaning
Simple to clean and a assemble

10. Focus Electrics IC13887WB Dual Single Serve Mini Ice Cream Machine

Focus Electrics IC13887WB Dual Single Serve Ice Cream Machine

Key Features

  • Two 10-ounce freezing mugs
  • Two mixing paddles
  • Two funnels for adding your ingredients
  • A sturdy base reduces spills and splashes
  • Easy-to-reach on/off switch
  • Easy-release buttons
  • Splatter cover
  • 30-minute approximate completion time
  • Makeup to 1 quart of fresh soft serve in 20 minutes or less
  • Electric motor mixes ice cream at a constant rate

The Focus Electrics IC13887WB ice cream maker is, in our opinion, the best choice for making sorbets, ice cream or frozen yogurts. It has a brushed aluminum coating, a guarantee of strength, and a transparent cover that allows you to monitor the progress of your preparation. The lids are see-through and feature a convenient opening for adding ingredients on the go.

With the two bowls, with a capacity of 1 L each, you can prepare two ice creams at the same time, and therefore two flavors at the same time. The Cuisinart Duo Ice Cream Maker is also super easy to clean, as the freezer bowls are removable and the mixing paddles and lids are dishwasher safe. All parts in contact with food are BPA free and they are taken care of for 3 years.

Pros (What we liked)Cons (What we didn’t like)
Double tank for simultaneous preparationNoisy ice cream machine
A robust device with a brushed aluminum design
Integrated mixing arms for a homogeneous preparation
Removable bowl, lid, and paddle for easy cleaning
Wide openings in the lids allow additional ingredients to be added during operation

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How an Ice Cream Maker Machine Works?

Ice cream maker machines are kitchen appliances that help you make ice cream. You just have to add the individual ingredients to the ice cream machine according to a recipe and they will take over the stirring and cooling for you.

There are ice machines with a compressor that actively cool or ice machines without a compressor: Here you have to place the ice machine’s cooling battery in the freezer approx. 8-12 hours beforehand so that the machine can passively cool the ice cream when it is being made when making ice cream.

Types of Ice Cream Makers

Basically, there are two types of ice cream maker machines that differ in size and price, but above all in use: ice cream machines with or without a compressor. You can decide which one is right for you based on your preferences:

Ice Cream Maker with Compressor

These ice cream machines are more expensive to buy, but much more practical to make ice cream. The ice cream machines with compressors are massive machines that often take up as much space as a microwave, have to be stable, and hang on the power connection. 

The devices have fully automatic cooling. You just have to fill in the ingredients yourself, the machine does the rest. In the best case, the ice cream is ready after 30 minutes and then the next portion can be stirred immediately.

Ice Cream Maker without Compressor

Preparatory work is necessary for the cheaper ice cream machines with freezer. The devices do the constant stirring for creamy ice, but the cooling is done only by a cold pack, which releases stored cold. To do this, the bowl with the coolant must be pre-cooled in the ice compartment for 8 to 24 hours – and of course, there has to be space. Only when the bowl is really cold can you add the ingredients for the ice cream and let the device stir. 

If the container and the ingredients are well cooled, the cooling capacity is in many cases sufficient for a second serving. Nevertheless, you are limited, the spontaneous desire for ice cream is difficult to satisfy.

Ice Cream Maker Machine Buying Guide

First, you should decide whether you want an ice cream making machine with or without a compressor.

If you want an ice cream machine without a compressor, where you have to cool the batteries for several hours beforehand, then it will be significantly cheaper.

1. Size and Weight

Ice cream maker machines with a compressor need space for the machinery. The devices are usually at least 40 cm wide and 30 cm deep, of which the ice cream container only takes up a small part – but of course, it has to be cooled from all sides. The compressor is very important: only occasionally ice cream machines weigh less than 10 kg, around 12 or 13 kg are usual. In addition, the device inside which is stirred vigorously must be stable.

The ice cream maker machine with a compressor is not a small kitchen appliance. There are differences in whether the device goes wider or deeper, but the overall scope can hardly be reduced technically.

An ice cream machine without a compressor is only half the size, but you need enough space in the freezer compartment so that the freezer container with the cold pack fits in there.

2. Filling volume

Ice cream maker machines with a compressor rarely have problems with making several portions of ice in a row. However, if there is to be ice cream for the whole family, a large volume of the ice cream container makes sense so that everyone is supplied quickly and no one has to wait. Many devices have containers with a volume of 2 liters. The maximum amount of ingredients you fill in is, of course, less: 1.5 liters or even just one liter. By stirring air is raised and in the end, you get a full container with creamy ice cream.

Some ice cream makers, with their smaller portions, are more aimed at gourmets: the ice cream containers only have a volume of 1.2 liters or even less. So it depends on how and where you want to use your ice cream maker.

3. Preparation time

The preparation of the ice cream in the ice cream machine consists of cooling and stirring so that the result is firm but still remains creamy. It takes a long time for the devices to achieve the desired consistency, but the preparation time is usually 30 to 60 minutes. Some particularly nimble models are ready after 25 minutes or less, but the ice may still be too soft. Devices with a specified preparation time of 30 minutes are definitely fast enough, but a longer waiting time can be an advantage for the quality of the ice cream.

Of course, there is also the time for the preparation of the ingredients and these should be cooled before filling in the ice machine. This speeds up and improves ice cream production.

4. Equipment & Accessories

Most ice cream maker machines with a compressor have an LC display on which the timer for ice preparation and the temperature are shown. The selection of programs is usually limited to “stirring and cooling” or just “cooling”. Ice machines don’t have to do more than these simple tasks anyway. The preparation time for the various types of ice cream can usually be found in the operating instructions or an enclosed recipe book.

In almost all cases, accessories include a spatula to remove the ice cream from the container, and in many cases a measuring cup. Some devices even come with a second ice bucket. Automatic switch-off and acoustic signals are helpful. However, this equipment is not mandatory.

5. Handling & Cleaning

Some ice cream maker machines have exactly one button for switching on and off, others have several buttons and a display. Depending on whether you appreciate more elaborate devices or rather simple devices, you can decide here freely. When buying, it is also important to make sure that you buy an ice machine that is easy to clean. Are the individual parts dishwasher safe? This is especially important if your ice cream machine is in continuous operation.

6. Noise

With its stirring mechanism and compressor cooling, the ice cream maker naturally makes noise. The device becomes louder than a microwave but not as loud as a mixer. The average is around 60 decibels, which roughly corresponds to a conversation at room volume. Outliers upwards sometimes make noise with over 65 decibels, particularly quiet devices stay below 55 decibels. They always have to reckon with noise, which is normal in the kitchen anyway. At least none of the ice cream machines with a compressor reaches harmful volumes. Ice cream machines with a cold pack are quieter, 60 decibels is the maximum here, 55 decibels are common.

7. Motor Power 

The electric motor of the ice cream maker machines has two tasks: on the one hand, it drives the stirring mechanism, on the other hand, it is responsible for cooling in devices with a compressor. Ice cream machines with a cold pack usually only have an output of 6 to 12 watts, which is the only requirement for stirring.

The compressor naturally has a much higher power consumption: there are ice cream machines with their own cooling in the range from 90 to over 200 watts of power. Stirrers with too little power can get stuck in the ice mass that is getting firmer. It is difficult to make a general statement about the best engine because there are many factors involved. However, the test winners among the ice machines with a compressor almost always have an engine output of 180 watts.

Frequently asked questions about Ice Cream Maker Machines

1. Which is the best ice cream maker in India?

The best ice cream maker in India is Kitchenif Scoop 222 Digital Ice Cream Maker because it can make up to 2L of ice cream per batch. It also has a digital timer and temperature control, so you can get the perfect consistency every time. Plus, it’s easy to clean and comes with a recipe book for plenty of creative ideas.

2. Who is the largest ice cream manufacturer?

Amul is the largest ice cream manufacturer in India. It is a joint venture of 120 cooperatives with almost 37,000 member dairy farmers. The company has a market share of around 38% and manufactures over 700 tonnes of ice cream every day.

3. Are ice cream makers any good?

Yes, ice cream makers are good for making ice cream. There are many different types of ice cream makers on the market, and they all have different features. Some are more expensive than others, but all of them will make a good batch of ice cream.

4. Can ice cream makers make gelato?

Yes, most ice cream makers can make gelato. Gelato is made with more milk and cream than ice cream, which results in a lower fat content. It also has a higher sugar content, which gives it its characteristic sweetness. Gelato also contains less air than ice cream, resulting in a denser consistency. Ice cream makers can make gelato by using an extra ingredient called glycerin. Glycerin is added to the mixture to prevent it from freezing too solid and to help retain its creamy texture.

5. Can ice cream maker make frozen yogurt?

Yes, an ice cream maker can make frozen yogurt. In fact, many people prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream because it has a thinner, more tart consistency and a slightly less sweet flavor. To make frozen yogurt in an ice cream maker, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use yogurt instead of ice cream mix. You can also add your favorite fruits or flavors to the recipe for a custom-made treat.


After testing more than 16 machines, we think Cuisinart ICE-21PK Ice Cream Maker is your best bet for making consistently great ice cream at home. If you’re unable to find the ice cream maker machine here, head over to Amazon India to browse through the portal’s extensive collection.

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