5 Foods That You Should Not Cook In Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron is one of the most loved materials by chefs because it guarantees uniform heat and a non-stick cooking surface.

However, there are 5 foods that you should not cook in cast iron cookware. We’ve shared a list of these 5 foods and also explained the reason why you should not cook them in cast iron.

  • Eggs: The fact is that the more seasons you put to your cast iron cookware the better your cast iron will perform. However, stick food like scrambled eggs are not suitable with cast iron cookware. Cooking an omelet is fine as long as you preheat your pan before pouring some oil on it. However, for the best-scrambled egg and omelet, you have to use non-stick Teflon coated cookware.
  • Tomato Sauce: Basically, all types of acidic ingredients are not suitable with cast iron cookware. Ingredients like vinegar, lemons, and tomatoes can react with your iron-cast cookware. As a result, your food may get a slightly funky taste as seasoning reacts with your cast iron cookware. If you want to cook tomatoes, vinegar and any other type of acidic ingredient, using stainless steel cookware is the best option.
  • Frozen Food: You should not cook cold food direct from the freezer to the pans. Frozen food will stick to your cast iron pans badly. If you want to cook frozen meat or fish, you have to defrost them properly. Leaving them open for at least half an hour helps our frozen meat cook nicely. Before you cook anything, you have to preheat your pan beforehand.
  • Wet Stuff: Cooking wet stuff like cheese pies and sauce are fine as long you cook it properly. To cook this kind of wet stuff you need to stir them regularly. Cooking carelessly will leave rust on your cast iron cookware. Once you have finish cooking, you have to keep your food separately from the cast iron. Clean and dry your cast iron cookware before you put back into the cupboard.
  • Delicate Fish: Some foods are suitable for cast iron while others are not. Cast iron cookware cannot handle fish. The delicate fish like tilapia and flounder are too flaky for cast iron pan. No matter how much oil or butter you add, these kinds of fishes will easily stick to our cast iron cookware. For better result, you can use stainless steel or other types of non-stick cookware.

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