Best Grill Microwave Ovens in India 2024 – Review and Buying Guide

Grilling, reheating, instant microwaving and so much more in a single appliance. Prokitchenmaster brings to you the Best Grill Microwave Ovens in India.

Microwave ovens, needless to mention are a bachelor’s wet dream. Every need and all the cooking you want for your lonesome; your very own microwave can easily handle. The added functionality of a grill within a microwave gives you the ability to cook meats and vegetables even better than a simple “cook” feature can.

Prokitchenmaster foodies and appliances masters came together to discuss the advantages of grill microwaves, as well as list some of the Best Grill Microwave Ovens in India.

Best Grill Microwave Ovens in India – List

When it comes to grill microwave ovens, there is a lot of variety out there. From different brands to sub-types, you have a tonne of options. Here are the Best Grill Microwave Ovens in India.

S. No.Best Grill Microwave Ovens in IndiaPrice
1.LG 20L Grill Microwave Oven (MH2044DB)Rs. 9,190
2.Bajaj 20L Grill Microwave Oven (MTBX 2016)Rs. 7,450
3.Koryo 20L Grill Microwave Oven (KMG 2422B)Rs. 5,499
4.Morphy Richards 20L Grill Microwave Oven (20MBG)Rs. 7,820
5.Godrej 20L Grill Microwave Oven (GMX 20GA9 PLM)Rs. 7,200

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Best Grill Microwave Ovens in India – Reviewed

Microwaves are incredible appliances. The ability to heat-reheat food items in a matter of seconds is incredible. With multiple brands to choose from, here are the Best Grill Microwave Ovens in India.

1. Bajaj Majesty 16L Grill Microwave Oven – 1603 T

  • Capacity: 16 litres, Suitable for 2-3 people ,Powder coated and stainless steel body
  • Cooking capability: Baking, Grilling, toasting , Timer with auto shut off, Element Selection Switch: Yes, Rotisserie: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Wattage: 1200W , Thermostat monitors the temperature ,Unique heating element design
  • Includes Oven toaster grill,Baking Tray, Grill Rack, Tong, Crumb Tray and Skewer Rods. Power Requirement 230V, 50 Hz
  • Easy Returns: This product is eligible for full refund within 10 days of delivery in case of any product defects, damage or features not matching the description provided

Why this microwave?

The Bajaj Majesty 1603 T Oven Toaster Grill comes in a powder coated body that is sure to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Its spacious interiors, together with the largely compact exterior make it the right selection for your kitchen. This OTG’s front panel has three separate dials for element, temperature and timer to give you the ability to select the perfect settings for your dish. It comprises an ergonomically designed grill that can be used during cooking and even after to keep the food warm.

Pros and Cons

Easy to useAverage capacity
Well built
Versatile cooking

2. Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave Oven – NN-GT221WFDG

  • 20L Capacity
  • Control panel: Membrane
  • 1000W Grill Power, 800W Microwave Power
  • Warranty : 1 year comprehensive warranty on product
  • Auto cook menu: 38, Indian menu: 26
  • Turnable: 255 millimetres

Why this microwave?

When it comes to the flavor and nutrients you expect in the foods you prepare, Panasonic’s, space-saving NN-GT221WFDG provides the power and precision you want for fresh, healthy meals. The intelligent design of the Panasonic NN-GT221WFDG devotes less space to electronics and more to interior capacity. The result is a slimmer, lighter oven that occupies less space on your counter top. Ideal for families, the Panasonic NN-GT221WFDG microwave oven delivers even cooking power and its sleek exterior complements any decor. With a capacity of 20 litres, this grill allows you to cook your favorite dishes and cater to the entire family.

Pros and Cons

DurableNot easy to use
Quick to heat
Extensive controls

3. Samsung 23 L Grill Microwave Oven – MS23F301TAK/TL

  • 23L : Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members
  • Solo: Can be used for reheating, defrosting and cooking
  • Indian recipes for quick prepration, Easy cleaning of interiors with Ceramic Enamel cavity
  • Warranty: 1 year on Product & 1 year on Magnetron & 10 years on Cavity
  • Brand does NOT provide a starter kit with this product
  • Control: Tact button and Jog Dials that are easy to use with a long life
  • Child Lock: Ensures complete safety especially for homes with small children

Why this microwave?

ts stylish design is perfectly fitted in any style of kitchen. Elegant curved handle enhances the exterior design. Its intuitive control panel helps set the desired mode easily & quickly. Ceramic Enamel exterior coating makes cleaning easier. Its innovative technology makes wide distribution of microwaves so that food is evenly cooked. With a touch of button, it lowers Standby power consumption to save electricity.

Pros and Cons

Well builtNot as powerful for its size
Huge capacityHeating takes longer
Easy controls

Everything About Microwave Ovens – Buying Guide

Microwaves are amazing kitchen appliances that give you the ability to reheat, grill and even bake with ease. Helpful in a wide range of cooking needs, there are different forms of the microwave as well. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a different one.

Here is the help you need to buy from the Best Grill Microwave Ovens in India.

Types of Microwave Ovens

  • Solo: The most basic form of microwaves, this is something most entry-level bakers and bachelors often opt for. These kinds are cheaper and are much easy to use and handle then the rest.
  • Grill: The focus of this article, grill microwaves come with additional grilling accessories and give you the ability to use either of the functions, microwave and grilling simultaneously. A little more difficult to use, it requires constant adapting and learning how to control temperatures. These kinds come with heating coils that can help you grill, toast and even roast.
  • Convection: Convection ovens feature some of the oldest forms of cooking known to mankind. It features a fan with heating coils that circulate heat wave quite efficiently around the inside of the appliance to cook and bake better, and much faster.

Feature Points to Note

  • Auto Cook: Auto cook features are common these days when it comes to microwave ovens. These are basically pre-set and pre-defined temperatures at which you can cook different food items. You can select the dish you are cooking, along with its quantity and weight, add the ingredients to the microwave and the appliance does the rest. Setting the power, the timer and everything until you meal comes out prepared.
  • Child Lock: Child lock feature is essential when it comes to microwaves. Since microwaves is a form of radiation, it is incredibly harmful when not used within the confines of the appliance itself. You need to be careful with your microwave and a child lock can ensure you kid does not go around playing with it.
  • Defrost: Microwaves ovens can even give you the ability to quickly defrost and unfreeze foods. Using this function is easy, simply add the food to the tray, and click on defrost. Select the quantity of the food and the type and the microwave will do its job in a matter of seconds.
  • Rotisserie: If you haven’t heard of rotisserie chicken, you need to look up the recipe and cook some right now. You can easily make rotisserie chicken in your grill microwave as well since it is a grilling accessory.
  • Pre-Heat: Pre-heating is necessary if you are baking or roasting food. It basically means getting the insides of the microwave to a certain temperature before adding the food to it. This ensures an even cook and is most used during baking cakes and cookies.
  • Timer: Timer settings are also quite useful when it comes to heating and basic cooking. An alarm rings once the timer has reached its goal.

Microwave Capacity Guide

Microwaves come in different capacities. It reflects how much food you can cook in it. Depending on your personal preference, the quantity of food you cook and the size of the family, you can easily choose the perfect appliance for yourself with this information.

  • 15 to 20 L: 2 – 4 family members; Solo Microwave Oven
  • 21 to 30 L: 2 – 4 family members; Grill or Convection Microwave Oven
  • 25 to 30 L: 4 – 6 family members; Solo Microwave Oven
  • 35 L and above: 4 – 6 family members; Grill or Convection Microwave Oven

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Grill Microwave Ovens

How do you grill in a microwave?

Microwave ovens do have a grill option which lets you cook a little slower and more steady. You can easily cook vegetables and thin slices of meat using this setting. On the other hand, grill microwaves, a sub-genre of microwave ovens, come with this grilling feature but elevated. You get the ability to control temperatures with absolute precision, making sure you grill your meals perfectly.

Can you use foil in a grill microwave?

Small amounts of foil does not hurt. The concept of microwaves is that it does not penetrate metals such as aluminium. Therefore, a microwave will be able to cook foods wrapped in aluminium foil.

Can you cook pizza in a microwave grill?

You can try, but do not use a watery dough like one made at home. Since pizza dough has a lot of moisture, microwaves might not be able to fully cook it before your toppings are actually cooked. You can cook pizza in a convection oven much better than with a grill, or a microwave.


Microwaves are brilliant, yet basic and effective cooking with a microwave isn’t as easy. Adding the grilling feature is a step up and a must have for amateur and veteran cooks alike. A grill lets you cook vegetables and meat with absolute precision and effectiveness. Microwaves are all about convenience and can provide you with steady meals especially if you do not cook, or spend time cooking that often.

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