Filterless vs Baffle Chimney – Best Chimney for Your Kitchen

When it comes to Kitchen Chimneys, there are two that prove the most useful. However, choosing the right is not as easy as it may seem. Filterless vs Baffle Chimney – which one is perfect for your requirements?

Your dream modular kitchen is incomplete without a good kitchen chimney. Kitchen chimneys are not just décor items to be placed in your kitchen, no matter how incredibly good they look and feel. A good kitchen chimney will be able to help you in more ways you know. They are highly effective at detoxifying your kitchen and allows all the excess gases and vapor from cooking to be released outside so that it does not stain the walls in your home.

That said, buying the best chimney in India is not easy. There are a few options to choose from and the major question always comes up, which is better, Filterless vs Baffle Chimney?

Which is better – Filterless vs Baffle Chimney?

If you have already looked into the different kitchen chimneys available in the market, you must know that most people are confused about which type to purchase. The two most popular kind available include filterless chimneys and baffle chimneys.

Each come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Buying the one that best suits your needs is the most apt way forward. However, that is easier said than done. Understanding which would prove useful for you is not an easy task, and for the exact purpose, we bring to you this article.

You can find all about the two different chimneys here and understand which one to purchase against your requirements. Both of them do the same thing but in a different way which gives you the option to choose from them to make sure your cooking life becomes that much easier. From cleaning and maintenance, to price and functionality, there are a few things to note here.

Filterless Chimneys – How do they function?

Filterless Chimney Diagram

Filterless chimneys are relatively new to the market, and as the name suggests, they do not need a filter to suck up all the smoke and grease generated from cooking. Filterless chimneys require much less maintenance and can even be cleaned with the single press of a button.

In filterless chimneys, the motor works at full strength, since the appliance does not have a filter. All the oil, smoke, grease, and cooking odors are easily suctioned into the chimney and onto the outdoors to make sure your kitchen stays perfectly clean and fresh.

Filterless chimneys usually come with an auto-clean function that is effective in cleaning the entire thing in under 15 minutes. The potency might vary with price, but one thing is clear, this kind of chimney is perfect for those lazy cooks who simply want to see their kitchen clean without having to put much effort.

That said, filterless chimneys are not really effective if you cook with oil a lot. Since the filter is effectively missing, all the fumes produced during cooking cannot be effectively channeled into the outlet pipe. Since they are a bit more advanced, you might have to pay more during purchase as compared to a baffle chimney.


  • Requires almost no maintenance
  • Silent operation
  • Long lasting and highly durable
  • Works well while cooking most foods


  • More expensive
  • Not ideal if you cook with oil and spices a lot

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Baffle Chimneys – How do they function?

Baffle Chimney Diagram

Baffle Chimneys are easily amongst the most popular and widely used, especially in Indian households. This can be attributed to their potential in allowing a much better function when it comes to cooking with oil and spices.

Like the name suggests, these chimneys come with a simple baffle filter that is actually a highly upgraded version of a mesh filter. Made from high-grade aluminum or stainless steel plates that have the ability to direct and control the airflow, baffle chimneys are essentially made for heavy smoke and cooking with oil and spices. Its curved design allows the oil and heavy particles to stick to the filter, while the smoke is led away from the kitchen through the exhaust pipe.

A lot of consumers think that baffle chimneys require a lot of cleaning and maintenance. While that is not incorrect, the baffle filter does not clog as often as other filters, like the mesh kind. So, it does require some maintenance on your part, however, it is not as required as other chimneys. Cleaning once every 4 to 6 months seems to be apt.

If you cook a lot with oil and spices and wish to remove all of the resulting fumes from your kitchen, a baffle chimney is the best way to go. They are also much more affordable than filterless chimneys since they use an updated traditional method. They do require a little bit of maintenance on your part as well.


  • Requires less maintenance than some of the other chimneys
  • Best suited for Indian style cooking
  • Cleaning once every 4-6 months
  • Really affordable chimney
  • Highly durable and long lasting


  • Can be a little noisy

Comparing Filterless vs Baffle Chimneys

While comparing the two, we took into consideration cost, durability, design, functionality, and effectiveness. Either chimneys are actually highly functional and do their jobs perfectly well. Filterless chimneys require a lot less in terms of maintenance, but are also not as effective when it comes to oil cooking. Baffle chimneys on the other hand and much better against the Indian style of cooking, but also require you to manually clean the filters.

With both the appliances coming with their set of advantages and disadvantages, it can get difficult to choose between them. So, filterless vs baffle chimney, which one is better for you?

FeatureBaffle ChimneyFilterless Chimney
Suitability with Indian style cookingPerfect for Indian style cookingOil and grease is not effectively removed, moderately effective for Indian style cooking
FunctionalityGrease and oil particles stick to the baffle filtersMotor allows the smoke to be led out into the outdoors
Cleaning and MaintenanceRequires manual cleaning every 4-6 monthsRequires no manual cleaning. One-touch button for automatic cleaning function.
DurabilityHigh durability and long lastingHigh durability and long lasting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimneys – Which is better?

The thing is, in filterless vs baffle chimneys, there is not set winner. Either have a great potential and can be used in a kitchen without worrying too much about efficiency. The primary difference between the two include the price difference, where baffle chimneys are much more affordable than filterless. And, the fact that baffle chimneys work much better when it comes to cooking Indian food, whereas filterless chimneys are easier to clean.

Which is more efficient, baffle chimneys or filterless chimneys?

Both work perfectly fine. However, depending on what you cook, you should invest in either one. Filterless chimneys are better for quick cooking that spreads less smoke. While baffle chimneys prove highly useful for more oil and spice based cooking. We compared filterless vs baffle chimneys above, take a look and decide for yourself.

Do Auto-clean Chimneys Have Filters?

Manual or auto-clean, all chimneys have filters. Only filterless chimneys do not come with filters, which also makes them much easier to clean.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Filterless Chimneys?

Filterless chimneys are best if you do not do a lot of cooking with oil and such. If you are a lazy cook, or simply do not cook a lot at home, a filterless chimney is perfect. They are, however, quite expensive to purchase, and not ideal if you cook with oil producing a good amount of smoke.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Baffle Chimneys?

Baffle chimneys are perfect if you are an avid cook. They are also great for all sorts of cooking styles, especially Indian style with a lot of oil and spices. Baffle chimneys are also quite affordable, much cheaper than the filterless kind. However, there is a bit of maintenance that is required of you, and baffle chimneys are tend to be a little noisy. That aside, baffle chimneys are highly effective and helpful in most conditions.


From where we stand, with all the information, expert opinions, first-hand usage, and customer reviews, we have formulated that in the battle of filterless vs baffle chimneys, neither is actually a clear winner. Since both the chimneys come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, choosing between them is totally dependent on personal preference. If you cook a lot with oil and spices, a baffle chimney would help you more. Whereas, if you are usually short on time and cook only basic food, and cannot spare a lot of time cleaning your chimney, a filterless chimney proves much more effective against your daily regime.

The final decision would be yours. Whichever you think you can find a greater use for, that is the chimney you should purchase for your home.

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